FREE BOOK— ‘The Woman Who Walked Among the Stars’ by Daniel Deisinger

The Woman Who Walked Among the Stars‘ by Daniel Deisinger

Genre: Science Fiction; Fantasy

She sees the future. She knows your name. When she holds her breath, planets halt.

The Seer has been alone for a long time. Across the galaxy she protects people from a man who uses the same powers to enact planet-wide genocide for sick gain.

He’s the last part of her past, and he’s tired of her interference. Riding in an asteroid, he launches a direct attack, endangering hundreds to get to her. Her death would complete a terrible course – if he succeeds, nothing will ever be able to stop him from an endless reign of terror.

But defeating him will leave her more alone than ever before. The Seer’s past returns and threatens to overwhelm her. Loneliness is a choice – and it’s a choice she must face.”

To celebrate the release of their new book, ‘Smiles Under the Moon’ which is now on pre-order, ‘The Woman Who Walked Among the Stars’ is free until Sunday! Get your copy now! Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you can, and check out the author.

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Daniel Deisinger can be found on:
Twitter @Danny_Deisinger
Instagram @daniel.deisinger
Author Website

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