FREE BOOK— ‘The Devil’s Servant’ by Jane Bean


‘The Devil’s Servant’ by Jane Bean

This is the third book in the Main Man Trilogy! I’ve already reviewed the first two:
‘His Willing Marionettes’ (book 1)
‘Tightening His Grip’ (book 2)

I absolutely love and highly recommend this series. I’m currently reading ‘The Devil’s Servant’ and will be posting reviews shortly!

Genre: Coming of Age; Contemporary Fiction; Drama

Joel has had no design work for months, and is regretting his move to London to live with his boyfriend, Zak. And his estranged wife, Grace, has vanished. She has posted nothing on social media since Joel left her, and she can’t be reached on her mobile.

Darren, however, is still enjoying his hedonistic lifestyle at Oxford University. And his fiancée Kaye’s father, a prominent member of the Conservative Party, has promised to help him gain a seat at Westminster after graduation.

But Darren is leading a double life, as well as harbouring dark secrets from his past. As old adversaries begin to resurface, threatening to expose his immoral and criminal misdeeds, his future success becomes less certain.

Is Darren’s luck about to run out? Will his Parliamentary seat be replaced with a prison cell?

And who, if anyone, will prove to be his Nemesis?

Get the ebook FREE on Kindle, March 27th-28th!

Get the whole trilogy on Amazon!

Jane Bean can be found on:
Twitter @janebean103
Author Website

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