‘Essence: Amber’ by Nick Braker —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Essence: Amber’ by Nick Braker::

Genre: Science Fiction; First Contact; Romance

Troy has plans for revenge on the Reptauran race that annihilated most of the peaceful people of Pira. Even as the alien species prepare for another attack, this time on Earth, Troy races against the clock; he must find a way around Alta’s control over him, save what remains of the Piran people, prevent an attack on his home planet of Earth, and keep his soul intact from alien technology working to destroy him from within.

In this action packed conclusion to the three part series, Essence Chronicles, Troy realizes he loves Septima, but the merger with the essence of the dead general, Tohmas, has brought strong, insatiable desires Troy cannot control.

Will love win in the end or will his Tohmas half destroy the one thing that anchors Troy to his better side?

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This series has certainly been a ride! Checking back in with Troy after coming to terms with his new existence, it seems that between the two minds he’s now a meld of, he has finally found the perfect ways to work around the complications with Alta and offer true hope to everyone. Alta, however, proves equally as clever and a ton more dangerous. With the weight of Pira, Earth, and now those from other worlds on his shoulders, Troy’s kind nature clashes with the love Tohmas feels for who is arguably the greatest villain of the series thus far.

When I first started the series, I thought the idea of Troy’s being was incredible. What was more so, was the author’s ability to pull off such complexities in a way that was easy to follow, yet totally mind-blowing. With this third installment, the author continues to amaze with the intricacy of his plotline, characters, and the universe overall. What really intrigues me is the morale deliberations Troy is faced with. A true dichotomy of personalities, he continues to struggle with deciding what makes a person truly evil and how much is simply the fault of their circumstances…as well as difficulty reconciling his seeming apathy for things he feels should shake him.

This book is the most ruthless and nerve-wracking one yet (in the best of ways!). Just when I thought I was safe, that things were finally looking up and there would be a fully positive end (as could be in such a heavy-hitting read), I continued to be shocked by turns of events. I adore stories that make me think about psychological, morale, and emotional standpoints. The grander or more complex, the better! Essence: Amber is nothing short of an amazing tale that grabs the reader by all sides and pulls them in every direction.

I absolutely love the vast array of the character’s stories and experiences. Very detailed and very, very real. Troy himself, while settling into his new existence, keeps evolving (or devolving, dependent on your point of view). His internal battle with coming to terms with what kind of person he is and whether his changes in feeling are positive or negative is a whole story in itself. One that I think most people will relate to in some way.

I also want to point out that the scifi aspects of the story are just as unique and fascinating as they were at the start of the series. There’s never any point that seems repetitive or ‘been there, done that.’ Put that with the things I’ve already mentioned, the drama, the action, cultural details, and of course the sex, and you’ve got a genuinely compelling read for everyone, even those who are not big fans of science fiction.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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