‘Heaven nor Hell’ by Clinton A. Love —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Heaven nor Hell’ by Clinton A. Love::

Genre: Fantasy; Supernatural; Action

Sometimes death is not the end…It is the beginning!

Leonard just took four bullets to the back…and you thought your morning sucked.
Now he has a choice to make. He can follow the terrifying Angel Azrael, or follow Qarinah, a beautiful succubus. (Not a hard decision, really.) The choice he makes leaves him hounded by a demon slayer, hassled by his ex-girlfriend, and stalked by an unseen enemy. An elite cadre of Angels called the Malakim are observing him, and will soon decide whether Leonard should live or die…again!

Will Leonard defeat the demon slayer? Can he get his ex to leave him alone? And who the Hell is Olivia, anyway? One thing is certain. Heaven, Hell, and Dallas will never be the same again!

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Hunters of Gehenna (Heaven Nor Hell book 2)

I’ve had this book on my TBR for a while and now I’m mad at myself for not reading it sooner. It has all the trademarks of a hit action film: intense battle scenes, hot sex, crazy missions, loveable characters, and a non-stop timeline, but the author has created a world that also makes it nothing like your typical high-adrenaline story. There’s a horror edge to it, an incredibly interesting love triangle, and great character backstories.

Beginning with the lead character’s death, ‘Heaven nor Hell’ dives right into things. Leonard unravels the strange circumstances behind not only his demise, but his entire existence after being offered a choice of eternity in the spiritual realm. In a world of demons, ghosts, angels, centaurs, and more, there is always something intriguing to be seen. Magical portals, succubus in strip clubs, zombie-like ghosts, spirit sex… The aspects of the spiritual plane is only the half of it though.

The author has based the universe on real life religious beliefs, making a cool meld of Christianity, Catholicism, and even Greek mythos, yet even within those things, his presentation of beings from lore hold their own unique values. The Earthly setting is Texas, where the reader is treated to cultural aspects of the region. On the Earthly and human side of the story, priests, ghost hunters, and demonologists carry on this crafty adventure with amazing weaponry and knowledge.

Another thing that is great is how the author employs multiple tactics to tell the story. It splits between Leonard and his gang’s part of the story, and that of the girlfriend who survived him, as well as using allusions, testimonies, and memories from several characters and even a ‘weird news’ based television show that accounts the characters’ shenanigans to some degree. My favorite part, however, is the romantic aspect. I can’t really say much without spoiling it, so I’ll leave it at I absolutely loved it.

If you like adventures a bit on the dark side, are looking for a fresh kind of thrill ride, or simply enjoy stories about demons, ghosts, the ones who hunt them, and unique romance, definitely check this series out! I will be buying the sequel ASAP.

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