‘Hunters of Gehenna’ by Clinton A. Love —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Hunters of Gehenna (Heaven Nor Hell book 2)’ by Clinton Love::

Genre: Supernatural; Adventure; Action

The Hunters of Gehenna track down souls who escaped from Hell and send them back. Their latest assignment is a psychopathic cult leader who will stop at nothing to renew his reign of terror. It won’t be easy! A mysterious and powerful new enemy has emerged and allied itself with the evil cult! In order to take down the army of armed fanatics, the Hunters must reunite with some old friends…and make peace with some old enemies.

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I had a load of fun reading ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ and despite being a person who often carries a bit of doubt to avoid disappointment, I couldn’t help but to expect more awesomeness to follow. Clinton A. Love MORE than matched the thrill ride started in book 1. In fact, I’ve already begun book 3 because I cannot get enough of the characters and adventure that he has created.

After the fallout in Gehenna in book 1, Leonard and friends set forth on a new mission. They make some interesting allies which include a motorcycle gang of werewolves; new enemies, including a terrifying cult leader; and must learn to be ‘frenemies’ with certain reluctant demon hunters. Everything is delivered with both humor and heart, giving the story a good balance of fun and feeling.

I adored the characters after book 1 and now with each page in the series, I’m loving them even more. I was really pleased to see the continued relationship between Leonard and Olivia, as well as The Lone Rider becoming a more prominent character.

The author has done an incredible job at making each and every person both unique and likeable- if not as a person, as a character. All are very well-developed, but parts of their story are put together along the way which not only keeps the story at a page-turning pace, but keeps the reader hungry to learn more. I really appreciate that not only the three leading characters are given due time, but all the characters are. It’s great how the author can make you see and understand where each one’s emotions and actions are coming from.

He has also used this skill to keep any encounter or plot point from feeling too predictable or boring. Continuing with the aspects of religions that were so interesting in book 1, book 2 does contain more of the politics of the spiritual worlds and its creatures. However, there seems to be more focus on the creatures inhabiting Earth and their interactions, such as the aforementioned werewolves. It’s definitely got a contemporary wild west feel to it and I don’t just mean their snazzy getups and the Texas setting either.

To be honest, there is so much intriguing and adrenaline pumping things going on that even if you could predict what might happen, it doesn’t matter one bit. The book grabs your attention and keeps it at every moment. So if you thought ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ was an action-packed adventure, buckle up for ‘Hunters of Gehenna!’

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