‘Babylon Creek’ by Clinton Love —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Babylon Creek’ by Clinton Love::

Genre: Historical Fantasy; Western; Action; Supernatural

When gunfighter Ian D’Argent steps off the midnight stage in the town of Babylon Creek, he walks into a place on the verge of a range war. He quickly finds himself at odds with a powerful and greedy cattle baron. Ian’s reputation for being a vicious killer soon comes to haunt him and puts him in danger of losing the townspeople’s trust. His only friends are the town undertaker, a bawdy saloon girl, and an educated prize fighter. Together they stand as a renegade force between the cattle baron and the hardworking ranchers of Babylon Creek. Victory will not come easy. A threat borne of pure evil is about to descend upon the town. If Ian cannot come to grips with his past and overcome his own demons, he will lose Babylon Creek…and his soul.

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I’ve been super excited about reading this prequel to Clinton Love’s ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ trilogy. I was promised a great introduction to characters I already knew and the author more than kept that promise! Honestly speaking, I think I love ‘Babylon Creek’ even more than the main story. Believe me, that’s saying a lot.

Set in the Wild West, this action packed novel follows one of the side characters from the ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ trilogy which is contemporary. Ian D’argent is just arriving in a small place named Babylon Creek, weary from past mistakes and his current life as an undead. It doesn’t take long for him to gain an enemy in the town’s self-appointed leader and his bully of a militia.

The citizens appear divided on whether or not they appreciate Ian’s presence and with a personality such as his (one that is take-no-shit, battling between the man he has been and the one he wishes to be), who is friend and foe seems to be ever-changing. We meet a colorful cast, including the underappreciated bar maid (Ricki), a deadly prize fighter who is not what he seems (Sully), and the hired gun meant to take our protagonist out, whose attitude is scarily like his target’s.

Ian is a character who demands respect, much like this book does. It’s unpredictable, fast, and endearing. I couldn’t put it down! As a kid, I watched a lot of old Westerns and this novel not only took me back to the joy of those stories, but actually improved on the experience by mixing in other genres/aspects I began to love as I grew up. The character development was amazing and everyone was lovable for what they were supposed to be.

I also want to note that there are other people/things in ‘Babylon Creek’ that are seen in the original trilogy that are treated just perfectly! In my opinion, you don’t need to read the prequel in a certain order with the other three. I enjoyed it thoroughly having read it after the others, but I believe it would be equally as great if read before. All in all, you can’t go wrong picking this one up!

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