‘Benjamin Jones: The Return of the Gods’ by Asa Rodriguez —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Benjamin Jones: The Return of the Gods’ by Asa Rodriguez::

Genre: YA; Coming-of-Age; Science Fantasy; Adventure

Welcome to your own purgatory. Tread carefully. Things are not what they seem here.

The mysterious whispers only make the curse stronger, and Benjamin Jones feels utterly lost now. Taken by sheer inhumanity, he is losing himself to the Darkness.

The Lord of Darkness is trying to fulfill the prophecy and rule for 1,000 years, and he has trapped Ben in his own hell to get him out of his way. How will Ben get out..?? And who will help him…??

Meanwhile, in The City of The Gods, the dark pollution is destroying everything. The Lord of Darkness is waging war against the illumined ones. The ancient aliens must unite with Benjamin Jones/Wolf boy/the ancient demigod, to face this threat.

What will happen…?? Only you can discover it. “The Return of The Gods” is the continuation of “The Call of The Shaman” but can be read as a standalone novel. So start the epic journey within the book #2 in the series now!

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The second chapter in Benjamin Jones’ tale is as endearing and exciting as the last. We meet up with our young hero, his mentor, and his friends where they were left in uncertainty in unstable magical realms. This chaotic setting and character mood is introduced wonderfully through Shadow’s point-of-view as he navigates the overwhelming, shifting feelings of himself and of Ben, now that the two are disconnected and he is his own being.

Ben is led along a confusing journey by Lord Forvusmortem. Although we are all sure it must be manipulation, the Lord of Darkness is good at what he does, leading both Ben and the audience to believe there is merit in his words. Eventually, Ben and his friends are reunited to continue their adventure, but the foul energy of Lord Forvusmortem’s temptations remains.

How will Ben learn to see through such powerful negativity to the light, and understand both truth and balance? And what of the newcomers who appear to have their own spin on current (in addition to future) events?

Asa Rodriguez has put together the perfect youth-oriented fantasy. It’s enjoyable for all ages, fast-paced, and enlightening. There is a whole lot of heart in this story with many messages and lessons taught by lovable characters in a vast world(s) which has been wonderfully built.

I feel that this installment in particular draws a great real life coming-of-age parallel. We see the main characters (namely Ben, but others as well) struggling through intense emotions, questions that used to have clear answers becoming grey, and doubting who they are and what they should/could accomplish…encountering more existential complexities and frightening new perspectives.

The more I read this series, the more impressed I am. The author has brought a genuine sense of wonder and hope to his audience. I can’t wait to see what Benjamin must face next…and how he will choose to face it.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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