‘Blindly in Love’ by Kelanie Black —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Blindly in Love’ by Kelanie Black::

Genre: Erotica; BDSM

Blind from birth, Dante is his own worst enemy.
Adrift in life, Cassidi is looking for more.
Both of them are looking for happiness in all the wrong places… until they meet at The Red Lair. Sparks fly and inner darkness will come to light as these two learn who they are to each other, and to themselves.

I really love the story’s messages about disability, depression, and all the troubles that come with. It starts off with the normal setup of characters and their environment: A blind man and average woman who both live with their families and share a common interest: BDSM. Admittedly, when the first conflict of the story happened, I wasn’t entirely sure what to think. A big part of that, I think, was how the author decided to portray the personality of Dante (the blind man) because it wasn’t what I was expecting.

However, as the book continues, the reasons behind his cruel actions come to light in a way that I couldn’t help except to love and care for him, just like Cassidi (the woman) does. Dante initially just seems like a jerk, well, because he is. Nevertheless, his behavior stems from a long history of emotional neglect (and abuse) due to a family and world who refuse to view him as anything more than the limits of his sight; and much of their views are horribly ignorant.

Cassidi, however, never shares in those views and instead sees him not just as ‘any other man,’ but for the man that he is personally. She goes forth to help him past his trauma and hopefully, win his heart. The hardest parts of the story are when it’s clear that Dante might be a lost cause, and Cassidi struggles with understanding the destructive things he does.

It doesn’t take long for everything to get intense. I’m not just talking about the sex, which for the record, there are so many HOT scenes. The way BDSM and the community thereof isn’t the straight-forward Dom x Sub; it goes further into the emotions and mentalities that form both those roles as well as what lies between. It was refreshing to see a story where the dom/sub roles weren’t stereotypical, yet rather explored that despite sexual preferences, every person has ups and downs, even if that means the Dom experiencing things that would normally be attributed to the Sub and vice versa.

With all this in mind, I do have my fears for how the relationship between Dante and Cassidi might become toxic. That’s why I’ve already purchased the next two books in the series and plan to read them ASAP because I need to see if their love will bloom and their lives will change for the better, or if they’ll remain in these pretty volatile roles. So yes, ‘Blindly in Love’ is an erotica with sex that delivers, but it also has a great storyline with wonderful learning points and relatable characters.

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    1. Thank you! I try to detail as much of my thoughts as I can without spoiling the stories lol. You really had me go from thinking he’s a jerk to crying for his situation in a hot minute! Also, thank you for the reblog! I followed your site.

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