‘The Devil’s Servant’ by Jane Bean —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘The Devil’s Servant’ by Jane Bean::

Genre: Contemporary Fiction; Drama; Family Fiction

‘The Devil’s Servant’ is Book 3 in ‘The Main Man Trilogy’. A contemporary novel for the NA/crossover market, it has a Nature or Nurture theme, laced with suspense and black humour.

Joel has had no design work for months, and is regretting his move to London to live with his boyfriend, Zak. And his estranged wife, Grace, has vanished. She has posted nothing on social media since Joel left her, and she can’t be reached on her mobile.

Darren, however, is still enjoying his hedonistic lifestyle at Oxford University. And his fiancée Kaye’s father, a prominent member of the Conservative Party, has promised to help him gain a seat at Westminster after graduation.

But Darren is leading a double life, as well as harbouring dark secrets from his past. As old adversaries begin to resurface, threatening to expose his immoral and criminal misdeeds, his future success becomes less certain.

Is Darren’s luck about to run out? Will his Parliamentary seat be replaced with a prison cell?

And who, if anyone, will prove to be his Nemesis?

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I have been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of this trilogy! I spent most of the book hoping for some horrible things to happen to Darren and for Grace and Joel to get their happily ever after. I’m not going to spoil it or hint at whether it was a happy ending or not, but I will say that the way the author finished the series was awesome.

Just as with the other books, the plot and delivery in ‘The Devil’s Servant’ is completely on point. The characters continue to be incredibly (and at some points, terrifyingly) realistic. It’s so easy to get into their minds and be entirely on their side, even when you’re switching from side to side every chapter. The author is amazing with making you love and hate each of them (though Darren is absolute hate), and feel all their frustrations, but most importantly- she brings it all together in a beautiful, compassion-inspiring way.

The intricacy of Darren’s manipulation of everyone and everything in his life is outright scary. This book (the whole trilogy really) details just how easy it is to get drawn into the web of a narcissist, sociopath, or other manipulative type persons. This particular installment touches heavily on those all too common questions: Why doesn’t she just leave? How can they not see what he’s doing? Why keep letting him abuse you? as well as showing the numerous people who only see the kind, intelligent, and hard working person that abuser presents to the public, and even other friends/family, which makes it even harder to break free.

It also elaborates the fears that come with knowing (if only subconsciously) that you are so far entangled in their web, that there really is no escape or justice. The contrast of Joel (who fully realizes he’s being abused) and Grace (who can’t fully see that she is) is such an amazing way to drive the messages home. And, as a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed that there were other points in the story outside of Darren’s influence. This includes discrimination and violence towards LGBT+ persons and how males can also be sexually preyed upon.

‘The Main Man Trilogy’ showcases some very dark, yet very real aspects of life. Matters that unfortunately, are much more common than many want to believe. The whole story, I was on edge, both hoping for and fearing what the end might be. I think this is a fantastic work for everyone to read, not solely because it’s a wonderful story with great characters, but to fully appreciate the lives of the abused and manipulated, in addition to coming to terms with the fact that you too could easily fall victim.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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