‘Blind and Bound’ by Kelanie Black —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Blind and Bound (The Red Lair Book 2)’ by Kelanie Black::

Genre: Erotica; BDSM; Romance

Stepping into The Red Lair was like a dream come true. My blindness didn’t bother the staff, and I felt accepted. When his presence behind me became a distraction, I knew things were about to change. His dominance was powerful, and everything that I wanted, everything that I craved, was within reach. After two years, would I be able to explore this lifestyle or would my wanting to stay with Carter ruin that for me?
After feeling lost for so many years, The Red Lair opened its doors to greet me. It was a welcoming environment, a place where I could be myself, free of judgment and humiliation. What I wanted to do was mark a girl’s ass, dominate and fuck her, and then move on. However, when I felt the heat of her body, I knew she’d be the only girl my hands would linger on. Though I wanted her, could I disappoint my family to pursue this part of myself that I’ve longed for?

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After finishing book 1, I went ahead and bought this book and the third book because I was in love! Admittedly (before reading the about), I did expect this to be a continuation of the first and while it is in the same timeline, it is centered on two new characters. However, I did not find myself disappointed in the slightest. I enjoyed ‘Blind and Bound’ as much as ‘Blindly in Love!’

In this installment, two new members join ‘The Red Lair’ BDSM club where Dante and Cassidi met. Both are blind, yet have very different experiences and wants. Cyrus, a friend of Dante’s, lives by himself after being written off by his family, while Jenny lives with her supportive loved ones. Cyrus has the dominant personality and is just wanting sex until he meets and is captivated by submissive Jenny.

The author seems to have a talent for putting together circumstances and personalities that really gives readers a good look at people’s differences overall, in a way that promotes compassion and understanding. As a lover of social fiction and psychology, I adore this. As I said with the first book, there’s much insight into blindness and disability, but also teaching opportunities about mental health and people in general. Nothing about it seems preachy or whatever though; it’s just that the characters are well developed and diverse.

I really related with Cyrus. Not on sexual personality as I am actually quite the sub myself, but in regards to his family and his emotions. I won’t spoil anything, but his family is manipulative and judgemental. They take things way too far, leaving Cyrus to deal with being the black sheep AND their abusive tactics. Jenny is a sweetheart. She has her own things to deal with, but just as Cyrus fell for her, she did for him. Unfortunately because of the way his family is, he’s afraid to bring her close. Those actions, of course, make her doubt how true his feelings for her actually are.

On a final note, the sex and BDSM scenes were just as hot and accurate to the real lifestyle as in the first. Kelanie Black is an awesome author that I’m so happy to have found! Her erotica so far has been very well rounded. Not just steamy, detailed sex, but great character development, plot lines, and unique setups!

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