FREE BOOK— ‘Love and Payback’ by Irene Woodbury

‘Love and Payback’ by Irene Woodbury

Genre: Womens; Crime Fiction; Romance; Contemporary

Tricia Wyatt’s life starts to unravel after she discovers her husband, Dave, cheated on her. She soon meets Joe Daggett, a handsome, charming married man from Chicago, on Facebook, and the two plunge into a hot Internet affair. When Tricia and Joe decide to meet for a week in Las Vegas, she shows up, he doesn’t.

After a few anxious days, Joe sends a friend, Al Posey, who lives in Vegas, to take her to dinner. Tricia, who now feels rejected by both her husband and her lover, ends up in bed with Al. Two days later, her nude, lifeless body is found by a maid at Bellagio.

Love and Payback is a gripping look at how Tricia Wyatt’s shocking, mysterious death shatters, and later transforms, the lives of her family and friends. Her son dies in a grisly accident. Her best friend’s marriage crumbles. Her husband becomes obsessed with revenge and tries to destroy the lives of Joe Daggett and Al Posey. Love and Payback checks all the boxes when it comes to drama, trauma, and, ultimately, love.

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