FREE BOOK— ‘The Executive Assistant’ by Kristen Lance

‘The Executive Assistant (Swords Will Cross Book 4)’ by Kristin Lance

Genre: Erotica; MMF Bisexual

When a husband and wife invite an employee to stay in their home, things get wild. Lorna and Parker are happily married and never considered that they might want to meet someone new, but when a conference call gone wrong gives one of Lorna’s employees some naughty ideas, things start to change for the couple. Parker discovers his bisexual urges and Lorna finds out that she loves to be right in the middle of the action. And their new lover Oliver gets the best of both worlds.Explicit Content: This is a 20k word novella featuring a strong boss, a sexy Brit and a skater boy finding their happily ever after in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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