‘When You Feel It’ by Kelanie Black —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘When You Feel It: An Erotic Compilation’ by Kelanie Black::

Genre: Erotica; Short Stories; BDSM

From slave and master, to dominant and submissive, Kelanie Black’s debut erotica compilation will take you to new depths.

Delve into the world of BDSM, with a twist – each story focuses more on the emotions involved than power and control.

Each story is no more than 1,000 words, making it a great addition to your lunch break. But be warned, this is not something you want your boss to read!

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After reading and thouroughly enjoying all of Kelanie Black’s more recent works, I decided to jump back to 2019 and read her debut book ‘When You Feel It.’ I went in with the expectation of it being at least somewhat lesser than the others. Admittedly, I can see where the final story in the collection was a sort of pre-cursor to her ‘The Red Lair’ series, but the book was absolutely not lacking in any way.

There are six different stories. The first five appear to fit within the described one thousand word limit, but the last seems to go on for a bit longer. I couldn’t say for certain, obviously. Each is an erotic account of a couple somewhere on the BDSM spectrum, ranging from light bondage to Master/slave. Outside of one gay story where both dom and sub are male, the focus is on submissive females and dominant males.

Kelanie Black brings to life these sexy moments in time with the perfect amount of detail and the right words to arouse even those whose kinks are not feautured. Reader beware that although she seemed to wait until the last story, the author has included some sensitive subject material. For me, the ability to properly portray such things is a credit to a writer as it increases immersion so this is a compliment.

As always with anthologies, here are the highlights from my favorite installments:

After expressing my enjoyment of another short by the author (‘The Pumpkin’ which can be found in Sweet and Frosty), I was forewarned that ‘The Desk’ entailed a similar theme. As the first was told by the point-of-view of a pumpkin during fall, this one is told from that of a desk. Unlike the pumpkin’s horrific account of how it was used, the atmosphere of the desk’s story was rather sweet.

‘Taking One for the Team’ is setup much like a POV porn video. I don’t normally like stories that address the reader as ‘you’ and accounts what the reader is doing, but Kelanie Black pulled this technique off really well.

‘Welcome Home, Sir’ ties as my top favorite mostly because it is very specific to my personal kinks. The setting, sensations, and thoughts were spot F’n on and I found myself a little less than comfortable as I read in the doctor’s waiting room. Kudos.

‘Surrender’ was what the last tied with and also the seemingly longer story I mentioned earlier. It switches between the point of view of Bianca, a submissive woman as she attempts to navigate away from an abusive relationship, and Blake, a dominant man and Bianca’s kind lover who is trying to help her get away. I absolutely adored seeing their relatioship grow and what lengths either were willing to go for the other. Beautiful.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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