‘Sweet and Frosty’ by Kelanie Black —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Sweet and Frosty’ by Kelanie Black:

Genre: Erotica; Holiday Season; BDSM; LGBTQ+

Do you like your holidays with just the right amount of heat? Welcome to Sweet and Frosty, where heartbreak leads to holiday romance, and the coldest nights lead to the hottest bedroom encounters.

A young man finds there’s more than a friend at the local BDSM club’s Halloween celebration. Thanksgiving Dinner goes well for Celeste and Adeira, but it’s after the meal that the real fun begins. Christmas shouldn’t bring heartbreak, but when Athena’s girlfriend cheats, Serenity is there to pick up the pieces.

With six stories of betrayal, love, and bondage, Sweet and Frosty delivers just the right helping of holiday romance!

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Kelanie Black’s ‘The Red Lair’ series made me a big fan so I was excited to read some of her other work. ‘Sweet and Frosty’ held true to the quality of story-telling and ahem mood-setting that I came to love from the author. This collection is both diverse and inclusive in regards to setting, characters, and sexual adventures.

Most of the stories involve some sort of BDSM aspect, ranging from hardcore Master/slave relationships to light bondage, but there are some more vanilla aspects too. The atmospheres vary between happy ending or mostly feel good; and heart-aching or an ‘it is what it is’ vibe.

Included are straight, gay, and lesbian couples (and trouples) as well as Kelanie Black’s signature character attribute: blind or disabled. They all felt realistic and, as other reviewers have commented, I would have enjoyed getting to know many of them much better. Being short stories though, there is a time constraint and I believe the author brought them to life within those parameters very well.

As with ‘The Red Lair’ series, the author touched on some serious topics in this collection. We are shown views of relationship struggles (not the least of which involves BDSM gone wrong), heart-break, the all too common issue of LGBTQ+ youth/adults being rejected by their family (or attempting to reconnect with them), and the need to numb via alcohol. I love how unafraid the author is to tackle such subjects.

Outside of vivid, arousing sexual scenes, what these stories share is a holiday season theme. This makes ‘Sweet and Frosty’ a perfect collection of afternoon reads to get erotica, BDSM, and romance fans into the spirit for Fall, Christmas, etc…or perhaps you hate the season and wish for something out of the ordinary. These stories would work in either case. My particular favorites were ‘Crossing the Line,’ ‘The After Party,’ and ‘The Pumpkin.’

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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