‘Blind and Broken’ by Kelanie Black —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘Blind and Broken (The Red Lair series book 4)’ by Kelanie Black

Genre: BDSM; Erotica; Drama

A dominant is always in control.
At least, that’s what Tyberius tells himself. For him, BDSM is a way to overcome the limitations of his blindness, especially the chance at taking on a new, sighted play partner. This could be his way to exploring a new world, if he can ignore the bottle that calls to him when he’s alone.
When Carly meets Tyberius, she’s looking for the perfect dominant—a partner who will teach her, guide her, and be the firm hand in a relationship. Upon meeting her new play partner, she knows he can teach and guide her in BDSM, but is he interested in anything more?
As Tyberius and Carly enter the mutual agreement of dominant and submissive, the delicate balance is threatened. Tyberius finds himself tempted to violate his own rules concerning when and how much to drink, and Carly can’t stop wanting more from the relationship.
Can Carly trust her dom? Can Tyberius overcome his own struggles to lead and care for his new submissive? With one misstep, their careful dance could all come tumbling down.
Mature Audience Required! 18+! This book mentions alcoholism, kidnapping, and assault!

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The Red Lair Series is no stranger to heavy subject matter, but ‘Blind and Broken’ got outright dark. That’s not saying anything bad! It is an awesome read and, though it’s a tough call between this one and book three, I’d probably say this one is my favorite so far. It’s hard to judge because every book has been so great. Kelanie Black is one of those authors who doesn’t let fans down with a less than best sequel.

It started out with the usual introduction to the two lead characters and how they wound up at The Red Lair. Tyberius is the blind lead in this book. He is a skilled sadist who only wants beatings and no sex, while Carly is brand new to the experience, interested in submission and degradation but ultimately looking for love. Something that set these two apart from characters in the past is that while the others’ boundaries seemed pretty much completely defined, Tyberius and Carly weren’t as clear in their expectations.

As the story went on, it was obvious that this was purposeful. A main point the story drove home was open communication, especially with new things and/or things which are potentially dangerous. The author has made sure that each and every book stressed proper behavior within the BDSM community, ensuring its realism to the real deal, but ‘Blind and Broken’ is the one that outlines just how badly things can go if those rules aren’t followed.

Improper BDSM behavior was not the only conflict in the story. The open communication issue extended to many areas, as did their individual personalities, and grim details from their pasts. I think another huge point for the story was how when abuse and guilt meet compassion and love, there’s bound to be some major problems. ‘Blind and Broken’ is a nail-biting must read for those who love dramas or erotica.

A Side Note: I adored how the author casually weaved updates on the characters from the last book into the story-line for this one. Nice touch and much appreciated!

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