‘A Letter to Claudia’ by Barbara Avon —BOOK REVIEW

About ‘A Letter to Claudia (Q.W.E.R.T.Y. book 2)’ by Barbara Avon::

Genre: Paranormal Romance; Pyschological Horror; Short Story; Fantasy

A month after Luke changes the course of his life, he is overtaken by an intense desire to win back the very thing he lost. The ultimate sacrifice has caused him immense pain, but by employing the haunted Remington Typewriter, he sets out to change the future once more – as everything he types, comes true. Set in October 1972, and in the tradition of Twilight Zone, follow Luke as he attempts to win back the love of his life. “A Letter to Claudia” is the sequel to “Qwerty” – a book that readers have called “haunting, visceral, raw, and beautiful.”

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Barbara Avon’s Q.W.E.R.T.Y. was a wondrous slice of psychological horror hinging around what is arguably the most devastating emotion: Lost Love. As advertised, I felt transported into the Twilight Zone. The sequel I did not anticipate, but am greatly appreciative for, ‘A Letter to Claudia,’ chooses to focus more on the romantic side of the equation. While still heart-wrenching, it is less dark.

Unable to cope with his former wife being alive, but oblivious to his existence and their past, Luke takes once again to his haunted typewriter in an effort to remedy the situation. As previously however, he encounters much difficulty in reaching any sort of reasonable compromise. Whether one is ever found, I will leave to your own discovery.

The story is written in the same like as its predecessor: through poetic imagery with tumultuous emotions and character plights that are all too easy to get sucked into. The sudden shifts in reality seem smoother this time around (not to say it was difficult to follow in the first installment) and maintain an eerie atmosphere that keeps the reader somehow anxiously hopeful and dismally resigned simultaneously.

Reading this series, I couldn’t help to put myself in the protagonist’s shoes with my wife being the one so tragically lost. As I type this review, I find my mind wandering…thinking perhaps I will look up from my own ‘typewriter’ and see that sitting across the way in her spot, is a ghost. But that’s just silly now, isn’t it? Nevertheless, when a story evokes that such an impossibility could be so, even if just within a daydream, then that story is nothing short of art.

Once again, a short review for a short story to avoid spoiling it. You can get both ebooks for less than three dollars, a price I feel is greatly reasonable for the experience. Don’t forget to check out the author and her other works as well.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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